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What you may not know about wearing bamboo

4/5/2018 12:13

At Ipomia we’re devoted to bringing you stylish, sensual lingerie that is comfortable and feels great. We are also committed to doing so with sustainability in mind. That’s why we line our bras with bamboo. Not only does bamboo fabric have several properties that make it great to wear, it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly fibres on the planet. Want to know more? Here are 6 things about wearing bamboo you may not know.Read More

Ipomia Reinvents the Bra

12/16/2017 2:51

Introducing Ipomia, the high-fashion lingerie brand created for women who have undergone breast reconstruction. Founded by a team of world renowned plastic surgeons and women who have undergone breast augmentation.

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Who are the women getting breast augmentation surgery in America?

12/16/2017 2:47

Unsurprisingly, breast augmentations have always topped the charts for popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. In 2016, there were approximately 561,000 procedures performed in the US alone.

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High-fashion sensual lingerie for your new shape

12/12/2017 1:25

it can be difficult to find the perfect bra for larger sized breasts that still looks sensual and gives you the much-needed support and all-day comfort. With  these specially made bras means that the cute strapless dress hanging in your closet doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Find out more about the bra that you can wear 5 different ways. 

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