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Step 1

Ipomia has together with some of the leading plastic surgeons developed several varieties of bras to be used right after surgery and during recovery to provide the best support and comfort. The antibacterial, temperature controlling and eco-friendly Bamboo fabric is used in our healing bras

The Essential Healing Bra – To be used 7/24 after surgery. All in bamboo with the special Ipomia lining to help keep the implant in the right position. Easy to put on and take o thanks to front closure and openable and adjustable soft shoulder straps. All seams on the outside to provide ultimate comfort. Loops on the sides to keep Breast Band in the right position if to use that.

Breast Support Band – The Ipomia Breast Support Band is made of soft elastic with a special welcro for easy closing.

The First Love Bra - An innovative healing bra for daytime wear, designed to make the patience look and feel beautiful from day one after augmentation, without compromising on the support their new shape needs.

Light Lace Wireless Bra – To use after a few weeks when the scar is healed. A soft wireless bra with beautiful lace. With build in special support, this is a bra can be use during the recovery period, feeling great and sensual at the same time.

Step 2 - After recovery. For Your New Shape

A normal bra is made to give natural breast the right shape and support. Implants are different. The Ipomia collection For Your New Shape is therefore tailormade for implants, giving the right support but without pushing or squeezing the implant. This stage o ers a variety of bras tailor made for girls with implants. Thanks to Ipomia women of the Breast implant community can finally get a whole selection of bras perfectly made for their new shape.